Annual Working Plan

1. Online submission of Registration  Form along with  registration  fee and result processing fee by the Institutions.


**Processing   fees is to  be submitted  also for those students  who  registered before but not yet passed, but like to appear Class XI Examination  2024.

Without late fine

16.08.2023  to 31.10.2023

With late fine

03.11.2023  to 10.11.2023

2. Online submission of Filled-in Teacher Data Sheet By 13.11.2023
3. Issuance of Online Registration  Check List by the Council 20.11.2023
4. Submission  of Corrected  Online Check  List by the  Institutions.  Hard copy of

Check list need not to be submitted.

By 30.11.2023
5. Distribution  of Registration Certificate 30.01.2024 (CAMP)
6. Class-XI  Examination   {Theory,  Practical  &  Project)  including  question  paper, answer scripts  &  evaluation   of answer scripts  to  be arranged  solely by the school As  determined   by the  school  without hampering   the   submission  of  result within  the date as fixed by Council.
7. Online Submission of all marks (theory,  practical & project)  of Class-XI  Annual Examination to the Council 01.04.2024  to 25.04.2024
8. Availability  of Result of  Class-XI  Examination  on Council  Website Within  30.04.2024
9. Commencement of Classes of Class-XII 1st Week of May, 2024
1. Distribution   of  Question   Paper  &  blank  Answer  Scripts  of  H.S.   Practical Examination 2024 and other related documents. 29.11.2023  (CAMP)
2. Online Submission of ENROLLMENT FORM of all candidates of H.S.   Examination, 2024


Without  Late Fine :

04.12.2023  to 16.12.2023

With  Late Fine :

18.12.2023  to 23.12.2023

3. Schedule of  H.S.   Practical  Examination,   2024  including  Vocational   Subjects, Music, Visual Arts, Health  & Physical  Education [including Hill Area] 01.12.2023   to 15.12.2023
4. Online submission of Practical  & Project Marks of H.S.   Examination  2024.  Hard Copy of Marks Foils need not to be submitted 04.12.2023  to 31.12.2023
5. Issuance of Admit Card of H.S. Examination 2024. 30.01.2024  (CAMP)
6. Higher Secondary Examination  2024 16.02.2024  to 29.02.2024
7. Publication   of Result of H.S.  Examination, 2024 Within 10th June, 2024
8. online Post Publication Scrutiny/Post Publication Review Online submission of PPS/ PPR by the candidates/ institutions with 15 days from the date of publication of Result
*** The Council  may if necessary  change the  above  date(s)  with  due intimation .



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